Thursday, November 29, 2012

secret santa stuff

for anyone who missed it on the bone sigh face book page....

i wanted to make sure i spread this around -

okay! had the executive holiday swap meeting at lunch! here's the deal! ANYONE who wants to play, hop on in. send me your snail mail address. i will email that address to another person on the list and give you one of their addresses. so everyone will have someone to give something to and everyone will have
 someone giving something to them. (clear as mud, i know!)

what do you send? we're all adults. the whole idea is to make someone feel thought of. if that's a handwritten note in a card, that's perfect. if it's a home-made gift, that's perfect. if it's something you wanted to buy for them, that's perfect. do what your heart feels good about. (i am forever struggling with a tight budget and know that it forces me to do thoughtful things like sit down and write a nice don't even think tight budgets are a handicap. i think they can make things even better!) imagine feeling alone and getting a handwritten note from someone saying they care. you can't do much better than that! so no worries on money stuff. just work hard on the thoughtful stuff. that's the whole idea.

when do you send??? let's have everything mailed out by the 15th.
if you're not in the USA, you're gonna stump me. and i'll figure that out as i go along. i think unless we get other people in your country, we may have a problem. (i'm open to help with that one!)

lori  mentioned a friend who was in particular need of cards this holiday. if she gets in touch with me with an address, i can pass that along to each person as well and if we can drop her a card saying merry christmas, then that's a bonus.

if anyone says they're in and then finds for whatever reason they're out, just let me know and we'll cover you. the worst thing that could happen would be someone feels lonely and is looking for this and it never comes! let's make sure that doesn't happen and just tell me. i'll cover your back!

i think that's it.
email me your addy's and let the fun begin!!!!!

anyone outta the US, we're not sure what to do with you.....we're asking if people are interested

in overseas shipping or maybe we can just do downloadable cards or gifts. trying to figure that out........

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