Thursday, November 1, 2012

waking up a bit more...

i rushed thru the last part of my day.
i had two brand new books waiting for me,
and both felt like treasures.

while ordering a mark nepo book for a friend,
i couldn't resist getting myself a whole new one!
and then a friend gifted me with tara brach's 'radical acceptance.'
how perfect is that?!
(thank you, sherry!!)

both were calling me.

curling in and reading them, i couldn't soak them in fast enough.

there's so much to learn!
and i'm hungry for it right now.
i can see there's so much i don't know and so much to experience and try.

my guy tells me i'm a tinkerer with my thoughts and emotions.
i've always laughed and nodded.
yeah, i'll buy that.

but this is different.
i feel so ready to learn this stuff of living.
i don't want to tinker. i want to really learn it.
to really live it.

there's a line in mark's book....
heck, there's a lotta lines.......

but this one.....

'in the practice of our days, to listen is to lean in, softly,
with a willingness to be changed by what we hear.'


can you just imagine living like that???

'the work of wakefulness is not to drop what we do, but to inhabit it
more completely, holding nothing back.'

ever feel like you just woke up and you want to dive in and play?

that'd be me right now.
oh yeah. that'd be me.

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