Tuesday, November 27, 2012

world as friend

there has been so much crammed into my head the last few weeks,
i've had no idea how to sort thru it or get it out.
i started walking again, knowing for sure that if i didn't,
insanity would find me.

it felt so good to walk fast and breathe the cold air.
my thoughts whirling and whirling, i knew it'd take a few walks
to settle myself down.

walks, working hard, and reading some words to guide me.

i grabbed a book i'd never read before off the shelf.
opened it to a section called 'world as friend'
(this comes from the book  by cynthia kneen, 'awake mind, open heart')

i smiled when i saw the section title.
i've been doin' a lotta pondering on our outlooks towards life.
'world as friend' sounded way good to me.

i've not only had my own struggles with people and life and myself lately,
i've watched others struggling pretty darn hard themselves.

and i'm thinking it'd be way good to struggle less and trust more.

and i definitely am not a fan of world as enemy or world as battle.
i've been watchin' people live that as well and i don't know,
world as friend just felt good.

and then i read this little gem -

'In the Shambhala teachings our world has brilliance and genuineness far
beyond what our minds can grasp, and instead of withdrawing from it we are training
to give in, give out, and appreciate. This is not based on trying to get a good or bad
result. Instead, you realize you are in continual relationship with the world, and your
world will give you a message. The theme is continuity, nonstruggle, nondivision,
unification, friendship with the world. Victory occurs whether you have success or failure,
and you learn to be without aggression or confusion, to be in peace.'

i read that and loved it.
and then i read it again and i thought 'ohmygosh, i'll never get there.'

laughing here, and nodding and thinking i've got a long long road ahead.

and i love the idea that our world has brilliance and genuineness far beyond what
our minds can grasp.

what the heck does that mean? genuineness far beyond what our minds can grasp?

i can't even figure out what that means.
but i think i love it...........

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Anonymous said...

Your joking right? You are already there...~laughing~