Friday, December 14, 2012


she's doing a project.
it's way personal to her.
and she's offering her all with it.
and i'm lucky enough to have had her share it with me.

and it's stunning.

she used multiple forms of art to create it.
and she's really talented in each form.

and i sit and i watch and i can't get over what she's about to offer.

it's the kinda thing where you can just see right into her soul.
into her beauty.

and yeah, that's got to be way scary for her.
and yet she's gonna do it anyway.

i'm so proud of her.
and totally knocked over by the beauty of who she is.
the world could use what she's gonna offer.
i really believe that.

i've gotten to know her in different ways this year,
and each way has shown me another piece of her.

today i sat with my tea and wondered if she'd ever really see it.
if she'd ever really see how amazing she was.


not sure she'd hold that word right now for herself.
maybe one day.
that'd be cool.

and so i thought of some of the other amazing women, and men too,
who have come thru bone sighs. and how more often than not,
they don't see their talents.
they don't know they are rockin' some major cool stuff.

why is that???

never mind.
i know why.
i hear the stories that they come in with.
that'll do it.
and they don't even have to be dramatic stories.
i know the ones i come in with.
certainly not as dramatic.
but we've all got 'em.

and they whisper to us over and over that we're not amazing.
we're not all that cool.

and they ask us over and over again 'who are YOU to do that?'

if i could give out anything in this world, it'd be a 'see yourself as
who you really are' pill.

i'd like to do that for.......gosh...........everyone i know???

including myself.

i am using her as a bit of a mirror, i think.
seeing how she just can't hold her light yet.
makes me want to try harder to hold my own.

i think it matters.
if for no other reason than it's what's there.
and it's good to see what's there.

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