Thursday, December 13, 2012

one heck of a guy!

a few posts down i mentioned that from a stinky situation came a new friend.

well, thru the new friend, i was introduced to her son.

thru youtube

and i swear, i can't decide which piece of his i want to share with you.
because the truth is, i hope you'll subscribe to him and watch/listen to
all of his pieces.

he's got one heck of a soul, and a whole lot of passion.

i think he's 27. somewhere around there.
my oldest is 27.
and i think of these young men and what they're offering to the world....
and it feels so good. don't need my ramblings.

you need russ's poetry!

here to start, i'll link you to 'proud of it.'
don't stop there....keep on going!

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