Wednesday, January 2, 2013


i 'met' david years ago.

in browsing the web, one thing led to another, and i found
his writings. i was totally taken with him.

i must have written him one of those notes that said something
impressive like 'wow'! you're awesome!'  and that's the sophisticated
way i entered into a tiny bit of david's world.

over the years he's impressed me more than once with his kind,
thoughtful and generous spirit.
and thru the amazing powers of facebook, we've stayed in touch.

it'd been awhile tho since i've read his writings.
i went over today to check out what he'd been up to.

i only read one entry.

because i loved it so much.

sometimes when something really hits me,
i just want to sit with it before i go on.

this one really hit me.

i actually got tears in my eyes.

when he talked about a co-dependent relationship with
spirituality, i nodded. i so so nodded.

i remember when i figured out that i had that goin' on in my
own life. it affected me so deeply to become aware of that.
that was my time when i entered a cave and threw my beliefs
on the floor of that cave. i wondered if i'd ever pick any back
up again.

so imagine my delight when he likened his looking as honestly
as he could at his beliefs to throwing spiritual spaghetti against the wall!

i had one of those of those 'somebody understands' moments.
and the tears welled up in my eyes.

this just felt so good for me to read.
wanted to share with you.
there's lots more.
check out his whole site.
and if you're in the area, gosh, go in and see him in person!

you can start here.

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