Wednesday, January 2, 2013

playin' the game

back on the treadmill,
and sometimes that thing is just what i need.

feels good.

it's been quite a holiday season around here.
they're never dull, that's for sure.

as i was walking and thinking about it all,
a moment with zakk popped into my head.

we were taking a walk.
the nite before we had all gathered and played some games.
we were talking about them as we walked.

i was telling him how much i enjoyed them.
how different it was when i was a kid playing some of
the same games with my brothers.
they were kinda stinky to play games with anyway,
and then i'd want to win. and i never would.
i'd always end up feelin' bad.

i told him how now i didn't care about anything but
the fun of it all.

we were talkin' about the different outlooks on playing
and he went ahead and put it on life.

i turned my head towards him with wide eyes.

ya think? i asked.

and then we had to tweak it a bit, but the gist was the same -
how our outlook affected the way we lived (played the game)
and how if we got hung up on the rules and the winning,
it could be a pretty lousy experience. but if we were just in it
to be in it and be that changed everything.

that seemed pretty cool to me as i walked and thought this morning.

a whole lotta the times i'm in it for a goal.
i want something out of it.
and yeah, that can be a pretty lousy experience at times.

what if i take those times and try to just be in it to be in it?

that's my thought this morning....
actually, zakk's thought.
and i kinda liked it.

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AkasaWolfSong said...

Such a wise young man! Course, look at his Momma! :)