Friday, January 11, 2013

toasting girlfriends!

it was one of those moments....
i was so glad i didn't miss it.

i arrived last, one friend up getting something,
the other at the table. presents everywhere.
we were doing our christmas exchange.

as i was moving presents out of the way,
i did the ol'  'how ya doin'??' thing as i busily looked at the table and moved things around.

when she said 'okay' i heard her voice,
looking up, i turned toward her.

'was that 'okay' an okay okay or was that a not so good okay?'
i asked as i sat down and looked her full in the face.

and then she teared up.

our other friend had returned and saw the tears.
she quickly sat down. each of us on a side of her.
i reached over and touched her knee.
i noticed my other friend had done the same to the other knee.

she told us what was going on.
she had our full attention.
and we talked about it.

until we were all talked out.

she felt our love, we helped her think it thru and we tried to make it better.
we let her know we were there.

then i turned to my other friend.
'how about you? i'm thinking you can't be so good either?'

and she launched into her stuff.

the love at our tables that we sit at sometimes astounds me.
the support women are for women is just incredibly beautiful.
the sharing is so important.

i got my turn. didn't have any problems to bring, thank goodness.
just stuff i wanted to share and tell them about.

presents were opened, multiple hugs were given. there was laughter
and more tears.

they are family to me, those two friends of mine.
they are sisters. people i go to in need and in joy.

what a hunk of gold to have this in my life.
and the most amazing thing is, i know it.
and sometimes when i sit and look across at the table at them,
i can just see the gold.

we are what matters.
our relationships can be such treasures.
i want to always remember that and hold them that way.

toasting girlfriends today....and always!
toasting the sharing of our journeys!

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