Friday, February 8, 2013


i was weary.

the world seemed a self centered, selfish place...
i needed a break from it all.

i knew goofin' with art would make me feel better,
but i had to drag myself to go do it.
i just felt low and heavy.

i turned on music that always talks to my soul,
pulled out the art stuff,
and immediately found myself dancing around.


i think i kinda needed this.

i played with my art for while.
until i felt my spirits rise again.
i could feel all the parts of me humming along,
singing along and smiling.

yeah, i needed this.

then when i sat down at my desk,
i saw the cards and notes that had come in the mail.
i looked at them and smiled.

there was nothing but love and kindness sitting right there.
i turned to an order someone made to support me.
someone who has to budget as well,
but there was her order.
there to support me.
with total love.
i turned to a gift i had gotten that morning.

it's everywhere, all around me.
definitely all over my desk.

and i felt such gratitude.

and i thought about it.

the FEW negative interactions certainly had taken over
and colored the TONS of positives all around me.

amazing how that can happen.
i tried not to let them.
but they did.
for a little while anyway.
they made me weary.

taking some time to center,
to forget the world,
to go inside myself and just totally be,
brought me back to a place of gratitude.

i thought of the things that made me weary.
they seemed so far away...
they didn't matter.
i wanted to put my energy where it did matter -
with the love.

with the love.
that's where it matters.

and now i could.
i got up and danced all over again.

1 comment:

Dan McGaffin said...

Imagine. You have all of that Love in front of you and it is only day eight of Love Month. Imagine all of the Love still waiting to get to you.