Monday, February 11, 2013

the joys of the different combinations...

i sat there listening to them.
watching them.
enjoying them.
and having no idea what they were talking about.

they have very similar brains.
sometimes even the other guys just let them go
and listen while they talk. they at least follow what's being said.

my mind will wander to things like -
'wow, i wonder if this is what kids feel like when parents
talk and they have no clue what's goin' on?'
and then i'll debate that in my head, thinking that if it's
anything emotional that those parents are talking about,
the kids will pick it up, even if they don't understand.
but this stuff is so unemotional....there really isn't stuff to pick up.

or i'll start to thinking about how cool guys are.
and how this is their guy version of my coffee with the girls.

or i'll get to thinking about how i don't even realize how much
of this is in them as they don't talk about it with me as i'm clueless
to this stuff. and it's important for me to see this side of them.
this is such a big part of them.

then, of course, my mind will wander back when i hear my guy
say 'that's magic!' and my head will turn back to his face, i'll
see his delight, and tune back in to a conversation about magic
that is too technical for me to comprehend. but somewhere in
there is magic, so i'm gonna listen again.

it makes me happy to watch them and hear them.
and it makes me laugh that my son who is the least like me,
is the most like my partner. there's a tickle in there for me.

i was thinking about it later.
how all the different connections there are can be so good.

in that car, with us all packed in that day,
there were a lot of those different connections -

there was the relationship between a mom and her sons,
between brothers,
between young men and an older man,
between guys,
between partners,
between two very similar emotional brains,
between two very similar logical brains,
between creative souls,
between business partners,
between family that were friends.

how cool is that?!

it was zakk's birthday trip.
and to make sure it got off to a good start,
we made sure we all had caffeine!
the ride up to our destination was a couple of hours.
and the caffeine had kicked in.
and all those different angles of relationships were bouncing
around that car creating much havoc and laughter.

in looking back later, i was really appreciating the guy connection.
it's something i can't offer my guy or my sons, but i can watch
them all offering it between them.

and it made me really appreciate our differences.
we need each other.
and all these different goofy combinations.

i thought of love.
and all its forms.
and in all the different ways we offer it.
including insults and teasing.

i shook my head, laughed, and thought about how lucky i am
to be in this mix. i may need to run off and get my estrogen fix
from my women friends here and there, but that guy energy sure
keeps me on my toes!

celebrating guys being guys together and smiling at their goofy
offerings of love.


Merry ME said...

This makes me smile! A heart kind of smile. The kind of smile when you realize there is only one person like you and how luck I am to have a window into your world.

terri said...

what an absolutely loving thing to say! thank you, ms. mar! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment and I love 'peeking into your world' - my life (two sisters, one brother) and then two daughters has been more estrogen than testosterone. . .love that you could enjoy all the connections the men in your life have with you and with each other - what a blessing. . .actually, a bunch of blessings!! Diane S