Wednesday, February 27, 2013


it's the second time something really cool happened with something icky.
and it's got me REALLY thinking.

a friend shared a picture on fb with me yesterday.
it was a picture of my quote on someone else's product.

and yes, this someone else KNEW it was my quote and i had
already talked to them about taking it down. it was blatant stealing.

so there was ick there for me.
and all those feelings yet again.

and i wasn't sure how to feel when i saw that the picture had a whole ton of
likes and shares!

i mean, that a good thing or a bad thing??? sigh.
definitely a mixed thing.

i wanted to comment right on the photo and say it was mine and they stole it.
but you know........that just sounds bad no matter how you say it.
honestly, snarky doesn't go far. and i couldn't figure out how to word it
without it being snarky. and i felt snarky.

my brilliant son suggested that i write privately to the fb page that posted it.

now why didn't i think of that?

now to be clear.....they are NOT the ones selling the product. they just
saw the picture of the product and shared it.

so there's two different people to deal with.
the people selling the work.....and the people sharing the work.

so i wrote to the people.
a nice note.
and i could tune into a nice place.
cause i knew they didn't know.
so i tuned into calmer energy. just being me.
just letting them know.
because most people care about that kinda thing and don't want to
be spreading stolen work.

(the website people are a different story for another blog.)

when i got a response from the fb people, it was very nice and
receptive and they totally wanted to correct the situation.

turns out the page is called 'i love being a mom'.
so i mentioned that i loved that as well.
and the notes went back and forth.
and it ends up that we'll be doing a bone sigh give away over on their
page. they have a huge network and it will end up giving us some nice
exposure. and we get to become part of the group!

we made a connection.

how amazing is this?!

this really really got me thinking.
because the last time this happened, the same thing happened......
i made a really cool connection - i made a friend.

i think last time i told myself i wanted to remember that and know that
this could happen.

but this time, i think i want to do even more than that.......
i think i want to make this an intention.

i think i want to INTENTIONALLY turn the ick around.
not hope to find the good in it......
but to make the good in it if at all possible.
to charge forward with complete intention of turning the negative

when these things happen, a really bad feeling goes over me.
and while i don't think that bad feeling will go away next time
this happens, i do think i can turn to a different feeling....
one of 'okay, let's see what we can do with this in a positive way!'-
a challenge, and a move towards positive.

and i think that's a really cool idea.

now......some situations are gonna be harder than others.
i totally get that.
but! some are gonna be easier than others!

and i think this is an intention i can kinda smear all around my life.
really really push the good energy into places that could use it.
i have no idea what that means or how it will show up.
but i know what it looked like today.
and i know how it felt.

and i know i want to intentionally work on this.

for those of you who love being moms, you may like to go
check out the facebook page that started my new intention.
if you do stop by, tell them terri from bone sigh arts sent you.
it'll help spread the good energy!

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