Thursday, February 7, 2013


thank goodness i underline and dog-ear and just generally
mess up my books! it makes it so fun to just go grab one off the
shelf and see what all i have forgotten!

well, it being the month of love, i wanted some good love stuff
to sink my teeth into.

took me three tries with different books before i grabbed
david richo's 'when love meets fear.'

i had forgotten how much i loved this book.


(that's me falling over!) (four times!)
(and yes! it's in my little amazon widget on the side here....
which means i REALLY like it!)

i have a ton of the book underlined.
it was great fun to go flipping thru the pages.
it's kinda like digging out the cookie dough of the cookie dough ice cream,
ya know? you go for those extra good nuggets.

here's various pieces from one page that totally inspired me -

'The fearlessness comes when you make a commitment to be who you
fully are.'

..'so fearlessness is another name for love. ....Love is a total yes.
Fear is no. '

'Since our spiritual destiny is to release the riches of the self -
unconditional/universal love, perennial wisdom, and healing power -
through our healthy personality, full potential is crucial!'

'Fearlessness brings with it the conviction that everything in our lives is part of
our destiny, exactly what we need in order to become who we really are. Not
only is it all right to be myself, it is even all right to let events be themselves.
This means entering into a wholehearted engagement with our circumstances rather
than arguing with them. Fear argues with circumstances. ...Love says 'Let it all
happen just as it needs to.'

okay, that's pretty good stuff is it not?

i love this - 'entering into a wholehearted engagement with our circumstances.'
i love love love that.

i have a few circumstances i'm not entering in wholeheartedly!
that really made me pause and think.

love stuff!!
it's good good stuff!
and david richo's stuff!
oh yes!
way good stuff as well!

pausing, holding gratitude, and entering the day wholeheartedly!

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