Friday, March 15, 2013

grow the nugget........the rest takes care of itself.

we sat around the table talking.

her struggles were speaking to my own.

and maybe that's how come i could see the nugget way down deep inside her.
that nugget we all have -
our self worth.

or maybe what's easier to see -
our self doubt.

she was trying hard to figure it all out.
going all over the place looking for footing and stuff to work with.
i totally saw myself in her.
i knew exactly what she was doing cause i do it all the time.
and i realized that it probably wasn't about all that stuff she was looking at.
she probably didn't need to do all that looking.
it was probably about the nugget.
the self love nugget.
grow the nugget, the rest takes care of itself.

we talked about this for awhile.

i mentioned how i get stuck on this......great idea, not sure of the practical
way to begin tho.

but things were whizzin' around inside of me.

i thought of the letter i wrote to my inner child last week - (yes, there's a blog on this!)
telling her she wasn't bad. and how profound that was for me.
how i swore i'd write every nite to her, and how i haven't written once since.

i thought of the 'it's not my fault' feeling i had a few days later. (yet another blog)
and i was pretty sure that the door to that feeling was opened by the inner child letter.

then i thought of the 'wobble's i got a few days later. oh man.
it was all making sense to me. a clear thing leading to another.

and yet....i haven't written another letter.

i came home from the meet up and pulled out my journal. there would be more letters.
i can see it moves things, gets some kinda energy goin', gets things happening.

and i could hear this voice in my head - 'just start. even if you don't know where to
start or what to do, just do something.. then pay attention..and'll be amazed.'

i smiled.

it's a deal.
cause i know i've got a nugget of self love.
and i know it gets over shadowed by a boulder of self doubt.

grow the nugget........the rest takes care of itself.

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