Friday, March 15, 2013

a big day for sue....

i want to thank everyone who's jumped into this stars/prayers/energy for sue thing!
honestly, it means so much.

today is a big day for her......she gets the 'new and improved' stuff pumped back
into her.

infusions start today around noon.

she asked me to do a shout out and maybe send her some extra good bursts
around then.

how cool is that?!
she's asking for it.
i just love that.

so will be shouting everywhere i can!

if you missed the story it's just a few posts down, you can grab that
and get filled in.

thank you so much!!!

let's all set our alarms for noon!!!


Mel said...

Setting the alarm for noon!!

Gathering up all the stars and warm light for Sue.

((((( terri ))))))

Ron said...

Will be lighting a candle at noon; sending stars and light Sue's way!


barb said...

Hi Terri & Sue,
I am sorry that I missed Friday :(
I am rooting for you, Sue. Sending lots of light and sparlies your way!
Wait until I do my next "daytrip" at the end of March. I will find some beautiful things to share from on the road.


terri st. cloud said...

looking forward to it, barb!