Monday, March 11, 2013

one of the best kinda hugs....

it was one of those glorious gorgeous perfect days.
a son day.
a wandering around with my guys day.
a let's cram in the car, argue over music and tease each other silly day.

there was only one thing we had to do.
it was an art thing.
swap some art out at a gallery.
the rest of the day was ours.
no obligations, nothing that had to be done.
i didn't even have to look at my watch and figure out how to time things.
for me, that's one of the biggest treats ever - no being controlled by the time.

these days are fewer and farther between.
we all work so darn hard and so many hours and the schedules are tougher
to blend. i didn't expect it to work out that we all went.
so it was doubly delicious that we actually all made it.

as we were headed home, i was curled up in the back, feelin' pretty darn lazy.
i thought of how the day was exactly what i had needed.
the break that i had been craving.
hadn't felt one speck of stress all day.

i thought about how the dynamics with my sons feels just perfect to me sometimes.
it can be so incredibly soothing.

that got me thinking about the different dynamics in my life -
the different feelings of arms around me at different times.

there's my guys.
i tried to picture what those arms felt like.
group hug.
for sure.
one that felt so supportive and made me find the laughter.
i pictured them linking their arms together - you know - making one
of those seats you can sit on and they can throw you into the air
and send you laughing.
that's what they did for me. support and laughter.

then there's my guy.
my partner.
wrapping his arms around me and making me feel safe.
i thought of how it felt to melt into his arms.
how there's just no place that feels like that besides with him.

i thought of a special friend who wraps me in her arms and lets me
melt into her long soft embraces.
i always always feel the unconditional love there.
she even manages those soft hugs over the phone.

then my coffee buds......i pictured them.
and how there's times i just need to go cry around the table with them
and feel their arms stretching out across the table.

all the different kindsa hugs...

there's facebook that can even feel like a hug.
if i need a quick laugh and just some knowing that people i care about
are indeed out there, i can bop over there.....

there's so many different places to find different hugs.

curled up in the back of the car, feeling completely happy and content,
i thought of all the different kinda hugs. all the different kinda loves.
and how incredibly lucky i was.

i looked at each of the guys.
they were joking with each other and laughing.

i started laughing with them.

laughing, i thought......
think that's one of the best hugs there is.
and definitely the best medicine for me right then.

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Sherry said...

Nothing better than a hug of any kind. And a day spent without worrying about time or thinking about time -- that is bliss!