Wednesday, March 27, 2013


three quotes caught my eye....

and i smiled.

because they were talking to stuff going on inside of me -

the first -

'when a woman tells the truth, she is creating the possibility
for more truth around her.'  - adrienne rich

and then this one -

'something we were withholding made us weak
until we found out that it was ourselves.'  - robert frost

and then finally -

'there is nothing stable in the world;
uproar is your only music.'   - john keats

i thought i'd share......
because maybe they'll speak to you as well.


Diane Stefan said...

Love all three of them - spreading truth (real); we hold ourselves back; and be uproarious!! Words we can live by and learn from - thanks for sharing. . .

BARB said...

Hi Terri,

How wonderful!
They are all strong quotes.
Wishing you well!!