Tuesday, March 26, 2013


first of all, she overnited it to me.

overnite mail.

i ship stuff all the time.
i know that's a big deal.

overnited to me.

because she knew i was struggling.

i noticed that right off.
and understood right off.
and held her generosity right there.

and then, inside, was probably the most tender of gifts i've ever gotten.


that's a great word.

and she can be so tender.

i opened it, understood immediately that she was giving me the
softest hug and holding me so gently, loving the deepest parts of me.

i held the gift against my face, and i cried.

and that part of me that was so lonely, was held.
that part of me just fell into the softness and accepted the hug,
and soaked it up.

it was so intense, the tears so quick, so present, it surprised me.

seems there's a few intense things whirling around inside me.
and the inner child part is sure hurting thru it.

how did i ever live so long not even knowing i had that part of me?
it's so strong, so alive in me, and is connected to so many of my emotions.
what a relief to know that part of me now.
and to understand that so much of what i'm feeling relates there.

what a gift to have friends who know that, accept that, and even embrace that.

it's a beautiful word.

and how breathtaking it is when someone reaches out in tenderness.
it somehow cracks thru something and touches us in a way we so need touching.

feeling very grateful for the love around me........
and for my friend who understands.


barb said...

Hi Terri,
Yes, you are blessed. You wait until Sue gets out of her prison.
Boy, oh boy, you guys are going to find each other.

Diane Stefan said...

Tenderness is such a blessing - happy you got to touch and feel it in so many ways. . .and thanks for waking up my inner child for me to learn from - wow