Monday, March 11, 2013

stars for sue....

how much of the story do i tell?
i've talked about it here before, and yet, it's not my story,
so i want to be careful with it.....and yet if you're gonna help,
like i hope you will, you need pieces of it to understand.

i met her when i was first starting out with bone sighs.
at a festival.
she was first starting out on a new journey herself.
she was a lot younger than i was, but she connected with the bone sighs
and we enjoyed each other right from the start.

it's been over ten years now and we've only gotten closer.
seein' each other here and there.
lately tho, there's been a pretty big tug that's been pulling us closer.

she has cancer.
pretty darn bad.
and is on her last ditch effort to beat it.

she's in her thirties.
way too young.
and battling hard.

she just began a really rough clinical trial.
where they plan on blasting the daylights outta her,
and somehow (forgive my non-medical talk) swapping out her current
immune system, training new cells to fight the cancer, and shooting
the new adapted stuff into her, hopefully to create a whole new kinda
immune system.

it's her last hope from the medical community,
and as you can imagine, it's one heck of a thing to go thru.

she's currently getting blasted with chemo.
and i think it's about as rough as it gets.

when we were last together, she explained the procedure to me.
i immediately went to the star visual i use for myself a lot.
picturing stars inside me.

i mentioned it to her.
'when they shoot the new stuff into you, maybe you can picture them
shooting stars inside you,' i offered.

and we started talking about the star visuals.

i immediately thought of my on-line community.

what if i asked everywhere, everyone, if they'd join her? join me?
in visualizing stars inside her?! what if we surrounded her in light and she
knew it?!

it could only help.
it could only only only help.

and so.......i want to post this everywhere i can..........i want to ask anyone
who feels inclined to, to go ahead and share it.......and i wanted to ask people to
figure out some kinda thing that works for them where they could, on a regular basis,
think of my friend, and picture her insides filling with bright beautiful stars.

i'm not sure you need to actually 'see' her........but if it helps, she's in her 30's,
shes got short blonde hair, and the most beautiful smile you ever want to see.
here eyes these days, tho they try to smile along with her mouth, are very sad.
she has a wicked funny sense of humor, and is using it at every turn to get thru
all that she needs to get thru.

her name is sue.
and she actually does twinkle visualizing stars shining in her and
out of her, isn't that hard.

will you join me?
if you want to leave a comment for sue, go ahead.
i can pass them her way and let her know that we're all with her and doin'
our best to surround her.

let's light up that hospital room, sue's insides, and the whole universe!
want to?!


Diane Stefan said...

haikus for sue. . .

by closing my eyes
I pray for you - I see you
and the stars fill you

joining with your light
radiating love and peace
and gentle healing

Susan said...

For Sue: Closing my eyes and holding you in my heart... wrapping you up in love and light. I'm so sorry for everything your body is struggling with, and I hope and pray there will be a cure... In the midst of all of it, may you find fierce and gentle grace, peace, and may your heart and soul find healing and comfort. You are loved. We, as much as we can, are with you... for you. By some twist of fate, even from a distance, our lives have brushed against each other... and knowing you are there, beautiful and brave, brings good to me as well. thank you. namaste.

Pam said...

Dear Sue: One thing i can do is visualize and so i will for you....i will visualize a million stars going in you and scrubbing and clearing away all that needs to go away - i will visualize the stars renewing the energy within you and when i am done with the stars i would like to weave you a blanket - my blanket is made of stars and brilliant colored weaves and star dust and luckily since i can visualize so well i can weave an amazing blanket in no time....can i drape this blanket on you Sue? I believe it will help you.....stay strong Sue!

Dan McGaffin said...

Hang in there Sue! I'm gonna be praying for you and picturing all kinds of sparkly stars all through you. They'll be dancing and zinging and knocking those nasty cancer cells out of you. You can do this!

Dan McGaffin said...

"For Sue"
Opening herself to the Universe,
she absorbed the stars from the heavens
and cleansed the darkness within

mikeproko said...

Filling Sue w/stars now,all sizes, all shapes. We are made of stardust as it is. All we're doing for Sue is increasing the light. Be well, kiddo. Mike Proko

St. Mary Mead said...

For Sue;
I visualize for you many millions of Stars twinkling for you. They enter your body. They course through your veins and sparkle and heal your beautiful soul. They replace that which is making you sick with healing love and health.
Breath in love and stars and nurturing for you mind and body and spirit. Breath out soothing, comfort for your worry and illness. Focus your breath on these things and it will calm you and help you to heal.
I love you because you are a sister and I will continue to visualize with you and for you and together we will heal. You are beautiful and deeply loved. Remember we are with you, sending the universe our prayers and visualizations for you.
Blessings to you.

Zura said...

I love the visualization. And because I believe in the power of prayer, I will be praying for the new cells to be big and healthy and star shaped.

Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment over at Tapestry..
not sure it worked..
but Holding her and her sparkle, candle lit and love pouring forth! for sue..

Lynn Hollyfield said...

I'm there with her and the starlight....

Rescuing Little L said...

Hey darlin'.....Even though we just met, I've invited you to come lay down on my special couch, covering you with my momma's quilt filled with healing light. I'll make you some tea and hold some space for you. Bless your heart....hang on!

barb said...

Hi Terri & Hi Sue,
It's nice to know your blog,Terri.

You have two photos dedicated to you at my blog. You are in my heart. My Dad fought the same battle as you did and I could see what that was like.
I looked his demon in the eyes.
But, you have chemo & he did not.

But, it is the same demon...
I have digested a lot of those feelings but have compassion for all those involved in that battle with Cancer.

If you would like, dear Sue, you and Terri and everyone here is welcome to travel with my photos.
I sometimes go places and show things that tickle my eyes...

You are welcome anytime.

Be strong and be blessed.

Barb in France

terri st. cloud said...

thank you so much for these. i am delighted to share these with her! and barb in france, i'm headin' over to see the pictures! thank you!!

deb did it said...

Going now to dance with some stars in healing light for Sue!

Amy Sullivan said...

~Sue, May God Bless You and May All Your Guardian Angels Watch After You.~ With the Love of A Thousand Stars !~

Zenchick said...

Sue: you are in my tonglen practice. that means as I meditate, I take in your suffering and breathe out to you the universal energy of comfort and healing.

nitebyrd said...

A stars light shines for miles and miles. It shines for years upon years. Sue, your light is shining now and will continue shining because a galaxy of friends is sending you love, light and strength.

Annie said...

Terri I read about Sue and her stars over at Illuminary's ...

Sue, there's a constellation of stars here in the southern hemisphere called the southern cross, it's invisible to the star gazers of the north but sits close to the milky way.

Last night after reading about your stars I stepped outside to look up at all those twinkling lights. The pattern of the cross is thought by some Australian Aborigines to be the footprint of the wedge-tailed eagle whilst others know it is as Mirrabooka, a wise man who watches over and is the protector of humanity. They believe animal and man are one and so each night when I look up at them I'll now see them busy at work, pointing those much needed twinkling stars your way.

terri st. cloud said...

annie...i hope you see this....before sue went in for this treatment, she went to a place she always wanted to go to...australia. and she sat out in the desert and looked up at the stars......this will mean the world to her.

thank you!

Annie said...

... oh, I got a tingle,

please tell Sue the stars say G'day