Monday, April 8, 2013

the ol' 'let's trick the vultures' move

it hadn't been my best two weeks.
they'd been hard, wearin' me out, and just not my favorites.
i was totally in a 'gotta get outta dodge' mood.
which worked out perfectly as josh and i were taking a day trip.

i was in an art show and it was opening nite that nite.
josh and i were gonna wander around and then land there in the evening.

when i left, i was stressed and beat.
not sure how i was gonna hold up for the day,
but way ready to get goin'!

and i tell ya, it didn't take long before i was laughing and carrying on.
but the stress was still with me as we rounded thru the mountains,
so i threw it out the window.
i was so tired of it.
decided the mountains could hold it for me.

and they did.
cause that was the last i saw of it.
it vanished.

i think because i knew i could just have a day full of fun.
and i so wanted to grab it.

and so i did.

we didn't have enough time to take that big ol' hike we were hoping to take.
we took too long goofin' at some other places, so it wasn't anything to complain about.
we would just adjust.

we pulled over to an overlook and got out.
deciding to just hang out there for a bit and relax and just look at the mountains,
we settled in.

before too long a buzzard flew nearby.
and then another. and then another. and yep, another.

we got to talkin' about them.
how'd they know when things had died?
how long did it take them to figure it out?

we got to pondering.

so josh decided to test them out.
he walked down the grass a bit aways from me,
and lay down flat in the grass and said he'd pretend to be dead.

well, this got us carrying on and laughing and sushing each other
and just having fun.
'are they coming closer?' he'd ask, eyes closed.
'shhhhh, they'll hear you' i'd answer, grinnin' and enjoyin' myself immensely.

they never did land.
but we had such fun, and then kept on having such fun,
and by the time we hit the art gig, i had dropped all the stress, and was
enjoyin' feelin' happy.

i was so grateful for josh.
just bein' a place i could unwind and goof and be.
i was so darn grateful for that young man, i wanted to spread my joy of him around.

which ended up causin' me to tell that vulture story two different times at the art opening.

i don't think the story woulda been nearly as entertaining if josh and i weren't just
enjoyin' it so darn much. we told the story and you couldn't help but get sucked in by
our enthusiasm.

it'd been far too long since i had been like that.
and to have josh right there with me, two feet in as goofy as i was..... was a gift.
it was about the biggest gift he could give me.

the ride home went by so fast, landing around our kitchen table, telling more stories
to josh's brothers, we were obviously wound up on our own crazy energy. the guys
just kept looking at us and grinning. looking from one to the other as we told our stories,
and smiling and i think probably wondering when we were ever gonna settle down.

when i woke up the next morning, i was still smiling.

and i feel like i found my energy again....
i found it in the mountains, with the ol' 'let's trick the vultures' move.......
i think it found it right then.

and i'm so delighted to be carrying it into my week -

gosh, i need that stuff.


Merry ME said...

You need to figure out how to bottle the healing energy your boys provide. You won't ever have to worry about money again. You could tell people who are feeling blue, "take 2 josh(s) and call me in the morning!" knowing they'll feel too good to bother you!

I always love hearing about your adventures.

terri st. cloud said...

i would be SO rich!! wouldn't that be something?? thanks, mary! i love having these adventures!

Diane Stefan said...

I agree with Merry Me - those boys are magic - each in their own way. . .so glad you got a good dose of Josh on your road trip - what fun and it's hanging with you. . .you are blessed!! Smiling with you !

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane!