Friday, May 10, 2013

another great quote

a friend of mine gifted me with a beautiful book -
'magical journey' by katrina kenison. (thanks, mary!)

i was curled in bed reading and i came to this,
and just thought it was so beautiful.

it's what i'd like to share today on the day before
our mother's day weekend.

i know so many people have lost their moms and will
be thinking of them this weekend. thought this was really nice timing for that -

'Perhaps such appreciation, such specific and focused gratitude,
is our most useful response to the death of someone we love.
For within our mourning lies not only grief, but also inspiration -
a summons to continue living and loving as boldly and beautifully
as we can.....Our best most human answer to loss is love: love
that we carry forward with every act of kindness, generosity,
and worship. Love that dismantles barriers. Love that heals.
Love that is not something we do but that is revealed instead as
who we really are.'

thought that was perfect.

for all mom's who are lucky enough to be here this weekend -
hope that your holiday is glorious. for all those missing mom's this weekend -
may you feel love that heals.

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Merry ME said...

Perfect for me today. Thanks. I need to go back and re-read.