Wednesday, May 29, 2013

sharing notes....

i was packing up orders listening to caroline myss and her 'the call to live a symbolic life.'

oh gosh.
i had to grab a pad of paper and start taking notes in between packing things!

i'm gonna share some of the stuff i jotted down that looks like it might make sense
written out this way. a lot of it takes too much explaining....but some of this is
just perfect to share!

okay, THE thing that struck me with this first sitting was that she said self esteem
was the most important power.
self esteem.
that's BEFORE love.

because if your self esteem is low  you can't have healthy love.

i smiled, nodded, and scribbled.

it fits in exactly with what i'd been thinking only instead of self esteem i used
self love in my thoughts.

the more i learn to love, the more i deeply i believe this.

self esteem, matters.

here's another great nugget -

'the goal is to surrender.'

gosh, i liked that.
and realized how little i do that.
i wrestle an awful lot.

here's another - she said if she was my guardian angel she wouldn't care WHAT i chose
but she'd care WHY i chose what i did.

oh that's a good one, isn't it???
that's gonna have me thinking a lot.

there were questions i wrote down to sit with later -
what causes you to lose your power?
how often do you lose your power?
symbolically what is going on?
what are your weak points?

okay, then this last one.......she talked about how we're not fully present.
how we're in a lotta different places at once.
and if you're struggling with something and looking for guidance,
the quality of the guidance you receive is completely dependent
on how much of your energy is in present time.


and a final question i wrote down for myself -
what do i need to choose to integrate and empower myself?

good stuff for one sitting.
had to share!

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Diane in AR said...

Wow - power - power of self esteem - I can see how important that is, now that I think of it. . wow. As always, you give me lots to think about for my journey as you walk yours. . .thanks for sharing ter. . .