Friday, May 31, 2013

the old crone

i had the idea the other day.
i had taken myself out to think.
was sitting there alone, imagining just who i wanted to be talking to right then.
i could picture her.

and then it hit me -
i need an imaginary friend!

because you see, she could be the wise old crone i go to for help with my thoughts,
and what she'd really be is a tool to access the inner wisdom i know is deep inside of me.
she could be the face and the voice for those thoughts that can be so hard to access.

i smiled.
i liked that idea.
a lot.

and then, of course, i promptly forgot it.

until i sat down for coffee with my girlfriends.
the one girlfriend led off....she started right nothing......
she just started right in on some stuff she had learned/gathered on unconditional love.

my eyes got big.
she started talking about the very things that i had been mulling deeply for days.
she just leaped right on in.
tears sprang to my eyes.
everyone's used to that.
no need to stop.
we just kept going.

then she started talking about accessing the divine.

and my imaginary friend came right back to mind.
she would be a way for me to do that very thing.

coming home i got to thinking about it.
i went off to clean the bathroom and figure this out.
started picturing her.
figured she'd need a name.
the whole bit.

i got stuff that felt really right to me.......
and i'm so delighted.

you know what's really gonna be wild?
the tea party with me, little terri, and the old crone...... fun is this?!!


Dan McGaffin said...

As I was reading this I was thinking about little Terri and how this would be like older Terri. Quite the tea party indeed.

Merry ME said...

I agree with Dan. My first thought was Little Terri.
I love being in the crone stage of life. Not sure I'm all that wise, but more experienced than some.
I think crone stage of life might be the best.

Diane Stefan said...

I agree with Dan - as I read this I thought of little terri and an older Terri. . .but she does need a name. . .hmmmm maybe Theresa. . .or isn't that crone-y enough? Seriously, Ter, good thoughts and ideas in today's blog - as always, thank you for sharing and nudging me into deeper thinking. . .