Thursday, June 6, 2013

a good tidbit!

i've been meaning to post this for a bit now.
ever since i mentioned spaces some posts below.
because, sure enough, as i was contemplating spaces,
mister nepo offered something perfect for me to read -
and what's amazing to me is he combined telling our stories
into the whole darn thing as if somehow he knows just what's on my

he took three really cool quotes and tied them together -

'First, Ceazanne, who said, 'I leave spaces because I'm not certain.'
For if there are not spaces, there is nowhere to drop through into the
unity that holds us. Second, Gandhi, when he said, 'If you don't tell
your story, you betray it.' For telling our story is the surest way to pry
the world and its maps open. And third, Robert Frost, who mused,
'We dance around in a circle and suppose, while the secret sits in
the middle and knows.' For only be leaving spaces and telling our story,
over and again, can we find each other in the circle we are born into.'

- mark nepo, the exquisite risk

he certainly touched on things goin' on in my head.....
had to share.....

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Diane in AR said...

Thanks so much for telling us about this book - have just (as in just -lol) started it. . .alternating reading it with you 'fabric of my dancing shoes' book - I am getting filled with hope and energy and encouragement. . .