Wednesday, June 5, 2013

an interesting combo

themes are running together again inside me,
and i'm noticing.

the habit stuff that i mentioned yesterday?
there's more to it.
and one of the things is it seems to be that for it to work,
there needs to be some sort of belief beyond yourself.

cool, huh?

the easy obvious example is the alcoholic.
and that's what's used in the book.
what makes one person fall off the wagon and another not?
say you're sober......then you get hit with some really big bad news?
what keeps you from fallin' back into the old habits?
according to this book it's  belief in a higher power.........
or........belief it'll get better.......
or belief you can get thru it....
that kinda thing.

they say it's a belief outside yourself.
altho, i'm a little fuzzy on the believing you'll get thru it thing.
that seems like that'd be belief in yourself.

not sure........and somewhere along in here when i try to think about it all,
it gets fuzzier for me - what's beyond you, what's you, and sometimes are they
the same thing?

but i think that's okay cause i think belief is just a fuzzy topic by nature.

i found myself thinking about someone who has lived a certain life around
her beliefs.

haven't we all?

she's just an extreme example as her religion is extreme.
extreme examples help me look at things.

and i wondered about her. did she really believe those things still,
or had what she been thru lately changed it for her?
was she holding on to things not so much because she believed in them,
but because they somehow seemed to keep her life together?

and how odd would that be because from where i sat and watched,
her life wasn't anything i'd want. her well being seemed to be last on
the list of things that mattered. self worth didn't seem to be part of it.

what we cling to, what we need, what we believe, what we don't believe...
it's all swirling inside of me. and the same time....swirling
right along with it are thoughts about self love/self worth being so important
and touching everything - absolutely including our beliefs. that is so clear
to me right now it's shouting at me.

i didn't pick these two topics and put them together on purpose.
i'm not sure what to do with them.
they kinda just fell together inside me.
kinda like that ol' reeses peanut butter cup commerical -
you put peanut butter in my chocolate.
you put self worth in my belief.......
and interesting.

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Diane Stefan said...

hmmm, habits and beliefs - sometimes the lines separating these are indeed fuzzy - at least for me. . . Habits can be good or not so good - we usually know which is which. . .but I think belief is strong and it is most often outside ones self. And I think you're right ter, sometimes we hold onto beliefs because they are a constant and they do often hold our lives - or maybe not our lives, but our hearts together - it's a constant in a mixed up world. It is awesome that these topics fell together with you - but I'm glad they did - gives me some serious thinking matter!! As always, thanks ter. . .