Friday, June 14, 2013

a small, powerful act....

okay...i baked a cake two nites in a row.
count 'em.

and one of 'em was from scratch.
scratch i say, scratch.
does carrot cake count tho?
that's what it is....and i'm not sure that's that hard.
first one i ever made tho.
so it counts.

and please understand that i'm not eating either one of these.

so as i baked cakes and cooked dinner two nites in a row,
i laughed at myself. how weird are you, terri? you're not even
eating these! i did eat the dinners tho!

there really is some kinda therapy for me to be in the kitchen.
how terribly odd.

i'm pretty sure it brings me back to steadier days.
days when the kids were little, paychecks came in regularly,
and meals were on the table at certain times.

so i made a mess, felt some sort of sense of security
and made plans for a sabbatical i'm taking.
a weekend sabbatical.

just some time off to do some healing things.
art, reading, gardening.
those are the top three things on my list.
now honestly, how awesome is that?!

i'm claiming the time -
a time for getting grounded.
a time for talking with the trees.
a time for taking care of me.

and what's really amazing to me is that i can feel my insides just
so grateful i'm doing this. just so knowing i need this.

it makes me wonder....
i know the time will be wonderful for me.
but i'm thinking just the act of doing it....of setting the time aside
knowing i need it.......just that in itself is healing.

the act of listening to what it is we need.
doesn't seem that big an act......
and yet......
it does.
it so so does.

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Diane Stefan said...

So glad you're taking care of you -hooray for your weekend sabbatical! Enjoy, be kind to yourself, relax, be arty, read, garden - you sooo deserve this. See you refreshed on MM. . .