Monday, June 17, 2013

my tree frog

WHAT a weekend.

i gardened.
i did art.
i emoted.
i gave.
i shared.
i ate.
i watched a movie.
i reached beyond my fear.
i cried.
i napped.
i trusted.
i didn't trust.
i did more art.
i listened to music.
i ate.
i walked.
i thought of my dad.
i thought of my ex.
i remembered good things.
i helped.
i didn't help.
i took what i needed.
i ate.
i slept.
i listened to my insides.
i laughed.
i tried.
i failed.
i tried again.
i failed again.
i didn't get down on myself.
i did more art.
i rested.
i read.
i just let myself be.

there's no way i can even describe all the places i went to inside me this weekend.
my gosh did i need it.

and when i sat back and tried to think of one of the best moments, i smiled.

it was standing in my kitchen, at nite, when it was dark outside listening to the tree frog sing to me.

and then again, slippin' into bed and hearin' him from my bedroom window.

the tree frog.
my tree frog.

i don't know, but i've never loved him like i have this summer.
sometimes i feel like he just knows what i'm feeling and sings to me,
sings to my depths.
and when i hear him, i just stop and open to his song.


Diane Stefan said...

twas all about me
my yin yang testing weekend
tree frog sings my growth

haiku/senryu for you, sounds like an excellent sabbatical!!

Happy, happy joy joy

terri st. cloud said...

clapping diane! thanks!