Thursday, June 13, 2013

just a thought....

i was sitting at my kitchen table with my lap top.
glancing out the window, i saw one of my sons walking across the yard.
just his legs. the rest of him was hidden by trees.
but i could see his calves and his feet scooting across the yard.

i couldn't believe it.
he STILL walks like an elf, i thought!
when he was little he looked like a little elf. a sweet little elf.
and one of my favorite things ever was to sit outside and watch him run around the yard.
i don't think i'll ever forget the joy of that.

how does one have an elf run?
i have no idea.
but he did.

and there it elf walk.
i was so taken with this, i walked out to tell him.
he grinned.

i've been thinking about our child selves lately.
i don't really mean our inner child.
i just mean the children we used to be and how those traits aren't all gone.
sometimes you can so see them come out.
we're still the same.

sometimes when i look back at my younger self, i'm amazed at how much of those
traits i still have. and it's funny, as i mowed the lawn earlier i wondered how on earth
i had changed so much.

it's one of those yin yang things!
i'm exactly the same/i'm completely different.

i think i really kinda like that.

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Diane Stefan said...

This one just makes me smile. . .love the final eye-opener - we're the same/we're different. . .good ol' yin yang!!!