Friday, July 19, 2013


i gotta smile,
and shake my head....

it's amazing to me how often someone i know reads my blog
and thinks that i'm talking about them when i'm saying something
less than complimentary.

we interact, they read something in the blog, and then they wonder. does make me wonder how we view ourselves!

because! if you read this blog and i know you read this blog, and you're
someone i interact with - i can guaranteed you, UNLESS IT'S REALLY
A WONDERFUL THING - it's not about you!~

i wouldn't do that.

so if that's ever happened to you....step back and think about that.

maybe you see yourself in something here when i'm talking about
a struggle i'm having with someone, or when i talk about something
i see around me that i don't like...

that's an okay thing....cause maybe you really do see that.
maybe it really COULD be about you.
which is fine.
we all have less than complimentary parts.
so maybe that's a good thing to notice.
maybe you just worry a lot and feel insecure.

either way, it's a good thing to look at, isn't it?

i know i routinely take the not so great stuff i see others doing and
flip it back on me to see if i do it.

i think that's a GOOD thing to do....that's how we learn and adjust
and tweak.

it can drive my guy mad when i do that.
he'll tell me it isn't all about me.
and yet......for really is.
if i can take it and grow from it or see myself better or do anything
helpful there for myself.....yeah, i'm gonna flip things i see back on me.

so feel free to do that when you read something that doesn't sound all that great....
see if it fits....that's a good thing....
but don't assume i'm talking about you.
cause i'm really not.

but maybe every bit of it is every one of us.

maybe so.

and maybe we just keep on learning by knowing that.


Diane in AR said...

Okay, this happened once while reading one of your blogs - and yes, it did make me pause to see if it really was about me, if I did that kind of behavior. . .and I did. . .note: did - it was a great opportunity to do some self-examination and decide I didn't want to 'be that person' whether it was me or not. . .so I changed. And, if any of us think something is about us. . .well, honestly, it just makes us all universally similar in some ways - we're not alone on this confusing path of life. . .thanks ter for your guidance and sharing. . .

terri st. cloud said...

it's amazing to me how many of my friends think the bad stuff is them!! gosh!!! thank goodness a few have asked or i never woulda even thought of that!! you guys! cut that out!!! :)

Margie said...

i am new to your blog and i promise i will never think it's about me....LOL
great post, though.
but i did think it was about me when i went to a blog where i had left a nice comment and that person did not post my comment....hmmmmm !

nice to meet you!

terri st. cloud said...

margie, welcome! you made me laugh! and hey, don't take it personal about the comment either. i have mine set for the comments to get approved first. i didn't used to, but got a really hateful comment once and decided to moderate them after that. and sometimes things get lost in the shuffle! so i'm bettin' it was just a shuffle thing! :)
nice to meet you too!