Wednesday, July 10, 2013

holding light

it's called 'holding light' - a new project -
a small offering from bone sigh arts to the world.
well, to america to start with.

it's a four by four inch bumper sticker with a white candle on a black background.
it's for anyone who wants one.
(you can read more about that here.)

it's a small square bumper sticker and this little thing has stolen my heart,
lit my fire, delighted my insides.

i struggle with the darkness.
my own
and the darkness i see all around me.

i don't think you can really be alive without hearing and seeing
darkness in so many places. and to top it off, i hear a lot of dark stories coming
thru bone sigh arts.

sometimes it overwhelms me.
i get lost.
wonder about it all.
sometimes it's just hard to stand up again once i've been knocked down flat.

but there's an image that i love.
it's the image of a candle.

candles have intrigued me since i was a kid.
my mom used to paint the most powerful candles - some lit, and some blown out
and smoking, and i could just feel their power. even at a young age,
they captivated me. i have never lost that.

the visual of the candle in the darkness gives me hope.
the idea that we can be each other's candles gives me strength.

yes, there's so much darkness....but ah yes, there's light as well.
there are candles in so many forms lit all around us.
i know sometimes we can't see them, i know there are times we can't
even come close to holding them...
those are the times others hold them for us,
those are the times others hold the knowing for us.
the knowing that the light is there even when we can't see it.

so that eventually, we can stand up again and see the tiny glint.
we can begin taking steps towards the growing light.

i believe in the presence of light in the dark.
i believe in the idea of being candles for each other.

and thru this little square bumper sticker, i can hold a symbol of my belief.
i can offer that belief to the world.
that has made such a difference to my spirit lately.
it has lifted me and reminded me of what i want to do with my life.
it has breathed something back into my bones.

somehow i think those are the kind of things that make the best offerings.

and my spirit is singing over this new project.
and my heart is whispering to the dark - you will not win - we will hold the light steady
and you will not win.

the darkness comes.
blackness surrounds.
overwhelmed, i fall to the ground.
and there, with my arms covering my head,
with my tears soaking the earth,
wanting to block everything out,
it makes its way thru the pain.
it finds me.
the light i can't stop believing in.
the light that somehow will not die.
finding me again,
it tells me to stand and let it shine thru me.
tears still wet on my face, i stand.
choosing to believe, i face the world again
with light in my eyes.

to find out how to get your candle bumper sticker, you can go here!


Anonymous said...

You my friend are a candle in the darkness for so many!

Diane Stefan said...

I so agree with anonymous - you, terri are a candle - one with heart for sure. . .this holding light plan is amazingly awesome - happy to be part of it!!!

Tia said...