Monday, July 1, 2013

it's the approach that really has me intrigued.... was quite a weekend with some pretty major stuff to explore.
i know all that will tumble out in its own way.

but the thing i wanted to share right now was my fascination with the male mind.


it's been something i've been curious about a lot lately.
the way my sons and my partner think.
it's so so so so different than the way i think.

i saw it so clearly last weekend as my sons put a new muffler in my car.
i guess the way it works with mechanical stuff like that is that it's fairly common to have
to adapt things to make them work. or that's what i'm hearing anyway.

their adaptation had me so intrigued.
they didn't blink. just went to work figuring it out.
just watching their brains was so amazing to me.
and their attitude about it all.
how it was completely natural to them.
you need to make it up as you go along, so let's figure it out.
all part of the process.

i mean, seriously, i want the car fixed in two minutes.
i have no understanding of any of it and i just want it all to be okay.
there is absolutely no natural process at all to me about any of it,
and the idea of winging it and doin' something outside the box to make it work
is just beyond me.
this makes me laugh as i bet a guy might say the same thing for some of the things
women do....

then this weekend my guy did some kinda home improvement thing over
at his house in front of my very eyes. i watched his brain work, and saw how
he figured things out. and just how he approached it all. i think the APPROACH
has got me equally intrigued. it's patient, thoughtful, logical....with something else
thrown in there - some kinda knowing that it's figure-out-able. there's this complete
confidence in themselves that these guys have - there's this air of 'well, if this doesn't
work, we'll figure out something that does.'

i don't work like them.
at all.
and i admire it greatly.

my car has been having some problems lately.
so my sons have been doin' some work on it.
it's hard for me to just stand by and not be of any help.
but i'm completely lost with this stuff.

i figure it's time for me to learn a bit.
and so i hover and i watch and i try to remember what i'm watching.

but now.....there's a part of me that really wants to stretch my brain a bit.
i really want to learn how to think a little bit like they do - that's been goin'
on for sometime. but now it's more -
i want to learn how to APPROACH things like they do.
not just to be able to do stuff on my own....but to see if i can think in a different way.
BE in a different way...APPROACH it all with a knowing something like they have.
i'm not crazy, i know i won't ever get much of it down.
it's too foreign to me.

but i would so like to get part of it down.
it seems like a really helpful way to think and to be.

of course, it's limiting.
too linear and need both.
but shoot......i've got just about all zigzaggy and circular thinking....
i could use a little of the other. and gosh i could certainly use more
of the methodical patience i see in them.

men and women spend soooooo much time rolling their eyes at each other's thinking.
honestly, we have so much to offer each other by learning the different ways -
we need to do less eye rolling and more seeing, i think.

and i'm thinking this won't just come in handy with fixing my faucet,
it's gonna come in handy when workin' with my inner stuff as well.
and i'm pretty excited about it.

i am seriously considering putting an old riding lawn mower in my living room
to tinker on and learn on. how cool would that be? my guy says there's a less
intrusive way for me to learn....but i don't know....this appeals to my artist
senses. maybe that's the way to combine the two brains? we shall see.....

for now, there's enough car fixing hovering ahead of me this week to soak in a bit.
i'll be stretching the brain for sure..........and watching my approach.

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