Friday, June 28, 2013

not so different....

in blogging about bob and i yesterday, i made a comment over on facebook.

i said no dating site would have ever matched us up!
and that is so true...
our match would have blown the circuits.

which got me thinking.
about our differences.
and the differences among us all.

probably one of the most profound things he ever said to me was
when i was really struggling with some of those differences.

i don't think i'll ever forget the moment.
where we were.
what was going on.
where we were sitting.
how i was feeling.

and he looked at me and said - 'terri, is it possible we're looking
for the same things, just in really different ways?'

i remember just stopping in my tracks and looking at him.

from what i knew about both of us, that made a whole lotta sense to me.

it's something i've never forgotten.

how often are we all looking for the same things in really different ways?

it's something i've taken into lots of different situations,
not just ones with him and i.

and it's one of the reasons i love him.
because he can actually see that and open to that.

in thinking about it yesterday, i got to thinking about what a big thing that is
to put out there. to remind us all that this happens way way way more than
we realize......and that keeping open in spite of the differences, matters so

it'd matter on a dating site for sure....
and i'm grinnin' on that one......
not sure they account for that kinda thing.
but it matters any time two people share thoughts.
even things like political statements on fb.
and in today's seemed like an important reminder.

we're not as different as we seem.
can we stay open to that?

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Diane Stefan said...

smiling at the discovery and Bob's wisdom. . .and the special love, respect and friendship you two share. . .