Tuesday, July 9, 2013


honest to pete do you ever sometimes feel like you're in one big test?!
like you're living a pop quiz?!

this test has a theme. definitely has a theme.
self belief, self love, self worth.

i suppose that's a good thing.
i suppose it's a good thing to walk thru your belief in yourself,
your self worth, to look at those things and figure out what needs
strengthening, what seems to be pretty steady....


some things could actually feel steady?!

ah, yes....some things can actually feel steady, terri.
at least one thing can.
and you know what it is.
it's the one thing (besides your kids) you always always believed in -

bone sighs.

from the very beginning they were the one thing i didn't doubt.
oh, that doesn't mean i don't wobble on my belief in my financial success with them,
it just means i believe in their spirit, their soul, the stuff they come from.

and maybe i needed to remember that
because i am the stuff they come from.
and the universe.

and maybe i needed to notice that.

i certainly got nudged into noticing -
with a moment of feeling defensive and protective of them/me.
with a moment where i looked at them in a way i hadn't in a long long time.

i drove and thought about them.
how i was deeply proud of bone sigh arts.
i don't go there very often.
usually i'm just tryin' to keep my head above water
or talk myself into being brave and offering something that scares me...

it's not often i step back and look and think 'yes. this is what i offer and this
is something i feel proud of.'

but there i was. looking and nodding and knowing.

part of me was wobbly.
not in my belief in bone sighs.
but just in wondering how i'm really gonna do with this whole pop quiz
thing i feel like the universe is throwing at me.

how i'm really gonna do with this whole living open thing i keep trying to do.

but then.....i smiled.
silly girl........look at the bone sighs.
they are the mirror for you to see.
you trust them.
look and see.

i smiled.
i think i needed that.

i looked and saw.
a glance into me.

and i'm kinda thinking we all might need that -
that we all have mirrors that show us ourselves.
all of us.
and i'm betting we forget to look in them and really see.

i think we'd be a whole lot less wobbly if we looked more often.

do you know your mirror?
what is it in your life that you totally believe in and that can show you your spirit?
when's the last time you looked there and saw yourself?
when was the last time you looked and saw yourself and believed in you?

i'm thinking we all need to get out the mirrors!

and i think that was the answer to this part of the quiz.....

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Diane in AR said...

Wow, I'm late getting to read your blog. . .in town all day . . .and then read Facebook first to catch up, including your search for good out there amongst the negative and greed - (sounds joshlike) and I replied to your post suggesting you look in the mirror. . .then come here to find you already had. Your bone sighs are awesome, you are them. . .they are you - I can't separate them from you and don't want to. . .great suggestions in today's blog. . .thank you, as always. . .