Tuesday, July 16, 2013

more gems!

it's been just a little too darn long since we've had some mark nepo gems here,
hasn't it?!

i found myself coming to the end of one of his books -
and i panicked! it was when i was having a really hard time recently
and thought 'ohmygosh, i need him!'

i have not been spending my money on anything lately.
i've been in full budget mode, just tightening the belt everywhere i can.
but when i saw that i would be out of mister nepo,
i immediately got on line and ordered two more books!
i didn't even hesitate.

it's something i learned from my dad....
books are not a luxury, they're a necessity.
and mark nepo's books are a must of a must for me.

so...as it turns out i've gotten sidetracked into all kindsa his books
and haven't finished the one i was panicking over in the first place!!
but i've got him in my living room, my bedroom and my studio now...
so he's never far away.

so here's a little gem from his book called 'unlearning back to god'
i've got it underlined with a star next to it.....

'This is the power of fear - to make you recoil from anything larger.
While in this state, nothing flows through, and therefore, nothing cleanses
or enlarges. The center remains cut off when it needs to be renewed more
than ever. My life has taught me that how we first stand after doubling over
is crucial to whether we will heal at all.'

i am hoping to remember the thing about how we stand after doubling over.
that really got me...

and then.........just when i thought no one can describe what love really is.....
i found this -

'Embracing another, from spot of grace to spot of grace, from depth to depth,
across our churning surfaces - this is love. And beyond the river of the smaller
gods, all that matters in what we do or leave behind is what we build with love.'

smiling, and so so glad i found this guy!!

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