Wednesday, July 24, 2013

oh for pete's sake

oh you know how it goes.
it was one of those heartfelt moments with a friend,
where you lean close to tell them something,
you say it softly and gently,
and you know you're speaking the truth...
and then you realize YOU need to hear it just as much as they do,
if not more!

it's like you're hearing it for the first time.
and you know you need to pay attention.
you know you need this thought.

it was one of those moments.

there i was so seriously, sincerely, quietly and gently saying -
'if you didn't push, if you just made space to let it happen,
you'd get what you want. it would come to you.'

'you don't need to push to make it happen. in fact, your pushing
is pushing it right away.'

oh for pete's sakes.

i mumbled something about i needed to hear that too, and i did the
same thing....but since it wasn't really all about me at the moment,
i kept the whole huge impact the statement was having on me mostly
to myself.

but it was totally hitting me.
oh for pete's sakes.

i know i do this kinda thing in my relationship with my partner.
i've seen myself do that before.
and i've seen my pushing push what i was looking for right outta my reach.

and what about ALL of my life??
ALL of it???

what am i pushing for so hard and not making space for?
what am i pushing right out of my life??

what if i just knew i had what i wanted already and let things come.
isn't that really the basis of all that 'secret' stuff that was all the rage
a few years ago???

maybe some of it is finally sinking in.

not sure.

but i have been leaning back all week...just watching,
and mostly enjoying.

what a novel idea.
throw a little knowing in there with a nice blend of peace
and well.......i do believe there'd be some extra room in my life!


Diane in AR said...

love that moment of AH HA when you realized what you were saying needed to be said by you to you as well - pretty awesome !!! And good plan for us to listen to the advise and suggestions we give and see if we might just need those plans as well. Thanks Ter. . .

Zenchick said...

the way you communicate this, the "oh for pete's sake" kinda cheeky-towards-yourself, is just delightful. I can so relate! I love it. thanks so much for sharing.