Thursday, July 25, 2013


i can usually tell when i'm onto something if the opposites show up for me.
and i'm thinking they're here again.

i've been all into the 'making space' idea...
in conversations, in relationships, in life.
it's been just whirling inside of me.

i'm thinking just watching and allowing has a lot to do with the making space stuff.
and i've been trying to do a lot of that - just general, wide view watching.

and then i got to thinking about 'focusing.'

there's something really good in my life that i'd like to focus on.
pay attention to it, nurture it, and just plain focus on it.
actually intentionally do that.

yeah, but....

what about all the making space stuff??

here we go again.
it's never just really plain ol' one way or another, is it?

i toyed with the idea all day.
the more i mulled, the more i wanted to do it - focus on it.

so in the evening i sat down trying to untangle how to focus on something while
still making tons of space for it. how to pay attention and nurture without creating
expectations and shuttin' down the room for it to just be.

honestly, that could apply into any part of my life at all - business, kids, relationship,
friendships, just living.

and the thing that seemed to keep repeating itself over and over was gratitude.
focus on something with gratitude!
and see if that keeps the space open.

i'm kinda thinking it will.

it's kinda like cooking -
it really all depends on the ingredients you use -
gratitude's the spice.
or the meat.
or the really cool flavored oil....

whatever it is, it gives a really good flavor!


Diane in AR said...

viewing through gratitude, living through gratitude, focusing through gratitude. . .yup, good plan!!

Zenchick said...

this is awesome :-)
we have a saying in meditation: "not too tight, not too loose." that's what came to mind. set an intention (a focus) and *then* let go and see what happens-?