Thursday, August 1, 2013


it was one of those weird days.
the world crept up on me.
i stumbled into some of its gunk.
made me feel icky.
and yet i could see that it kept goodness all around me.
it was a hunk of ugly in the middle of beauty.

at some point, i threw up my hands and quit.
it was useless trying to work anymore.

there was a lot to think about.
and some ugliness to hold.
and some centering to do.

laying down on my couch with my laptop, giving up to doing
anything productive, i ended up doing the best thing of all.

i got inspired.

i stumbled into a movie i hadn't seen.
it's a few years old by now, so maybe most of you have seen it,
but if so, maybe it's time to watch it again!

it's called 'i am'.........and it was exactly what i needed.

it was EXACTLY what i needed.

it talked of our connectedness and of how what we put out
to others mattered, it talked of the mystery and power of the heart,
it talked of cooperativeness instead of competitiveness.

it had me gasping and nodding and crying.
(and i wish someone had told i'll tell you......if you do watch
and you get to the part with a woman's eye and they're gonna do something
to it......close your eyes and skip that part.
i really wish i had known.)
but other than that, it's a message i think we could all use.

and i'm gonna take it into the gunk i stumbled in.
and i'm gonna remember my energy, my heart, and my power.

i started already.
i'd concentrate on my heart and the feeling i wanted in there.
i'd feel it, then let it spread outwards.

i kept thinking how that affected everything around me.

everything we face, everything we deal with, everything we do....
what we put out towards it matters.

let's bring the depths of our beauty to our lives.
let's add to the good, and see if we can fade the ugly just a little bit.

i'll be workin' on it today.

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