Thursday, August 1, 2013

photo op!

ah! it's photo op time!
if you got one of our candle stickers in the whole 'holding light' thing
we're doing, you can take a photo of it - and obviously, it doesn't
have to be on your can be anywhere! - and share it with
other people who have stickers!

it's a way to make it a community thing, a way to show us we're not
alone, a way to remember we're all in this together!

would love it if you hopped in!

and if you haven't gotten your sticker yet (they're free) come on by
and get one (or some)....

if you go to this link, this is the page where you sign up for the stickers.
but scroll all the way down. Noah's got something set up so nice and
easy for us to post pictures!

a big thanks to noah for doing this for us when he was cross eyed and beat!
and a big thanks to you guys who post your pictures and help remind us
we're in this together!


Diane in AR said...

Hooray Noah! And thanks ter for the whole holding light idea. . .so happy to be part of it - you're awesome. . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane! YOU are my other photo up there! so good to have you!