Thursday, August 15, 2013

one heck of a good paragraph....

okay, i don't think i have ever loved an author as much as i love mark nepo.
this guy is truly my hero!

and his book 'unlearning back to god' is beyond beautiful.

here's something i thought was so worth sharing -
we've all heard we need to be able to say no.
but leave it to my man, mark, to go deeper and bring us further....
and! to include ourselves in sometimes being the ones we need to say no to!

'When we succumb to the judgement and rejection of others, we so easily
give away our portion of god's being. if you have not encountered it yet, you surely
will be faced with the pressure of someone demanding more than your self is
capable of giving without damage to your soul. whether that someone is a needy
friend, an arrogant boss, an over zealous nation, an inexorable religion or a
perfectionist brand of self justification, it all comes down to how each of us dares to
say no when truly put upon. If we say no determines our survival. How we say no
determines our changing state of grace. How quickly we return to openness after
saying no determines our rate of evolution as a being.'


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Diane in AR said...

Wow - he says it strong, he says it well and we DO need to listen and act !! Thanks for sharing!!