Friday, August 16, 2013

thoughts on tee shirts...thoughts on being aware...

i'm back into researching tee shirts as that's something i'd really like to offer.
the whole 'reminding girls' stuff i talked about in the newsletter the other day
has got me inspired. and i think i found a place i really want to work with!

i'm quite excited about this and will be working away on this new project.

here's the deal tho.....this stuff gets trickier than you'd think.

we offered hoodies and long sleeved tees some years back.
it was important to me that they were american made/sweatshop free.
that was mandatory.

we got that.
and i was quite pleased.

but little did i know that the company we used, american apparel,
was a company we'd want nothing to do with. i honestly had no idea
until we were long sold out of them. it was only my own practical
business reasons that kept me from re-ordering.

and now i'm so glad we never did.

turns out there's a whole lot to look at.

not only is american apparel anti-union -
it's ads are completely against everything bone sigh arts is about.
and certainly against everything this 'helping girls' campaign of mine is about.

and that's what i sold, thinking i was doing a good thing.

i want to bring this over here and mention it.
i'll post one article i've read on them. i've seen others.
for anyone interested in paying attention to where your money goes,
this is an important read. not a fun one, but an important one.

i know some sites i really like, like redbubble, use american apparel and
proudly proclaim the shirts are american made. i know i did.

i will be dropping redbubble a note very shortly and telling them i won't be
buying any of those tee shirts.

it matters. and it matters for sites to hear this stuff.
i honestly had no idea and thought i was doing good.

where we put our money matters. who we support matters.
want to change the world? you can start with your wallet.
i think it's so darn easy to forget that.
i wanted to bring it over here as a reminder.

and next time you pick up an american made tee shirt......don't just pat
yourself on the may not be as great as you think.

we'll get there tho.
the more we know, the more aware we are, the more we talk about it,
the better we'll get. and that's why i wanted to bring this over here.
it's the weekend. if you find yourself shopping, think hard about who/what
you want to support!

if you're's the article.


Diane in AR said...

Love knowing the truth - the real side - love the way you want your message to be complete, down to the vendor you use. . .I'm getting in line now for when you do find the RIGHT one - more reason to love my bone sign tee - when I get one - because it's real, true, and supportive right down to the label and beyond. Not everyone cares, ter, so glad you do. . .Rock on !!

terri st. cloud said...

diane! thanks for always supporting me!!!

Diane in AR said...

You teach me something new practically every day OR you show me a new way to look at things OR you remind me to be filled with GRATITUDE at everything. . .you help me grow. . .and I thank you!!

terri st. cloud said...

i wonder if this comment thing will leave hearts....let's try...

terri st. cloud said...

nope. but you get the idea...

Diane in AR said...

yup, I do. . .thank you and <3 back atcha. . .