Monday, September 16, 2013

good things happening

miracles were happening.

first of all, as i headed out the door to go to their place,
the door didn't close right.
instead of ignoring it and making it work the way it was,
i stopped to figure out why it wasn't right.
then i saw something that needed to be tightened,
then i went, got the screwdriver - out of my very own toolbox
and tightened it!

doesn't sound like much, i know.
but honestly? huge huge progress there.
just the whole paying attention and dealing with it.
and actually fixing it.
(granted it was an easy fix....but let's just ignore that part for now)
that's new for me.
way new.

and then......i went and painted their cupboards.
yet another huge progressive step.
see, i wouldn't normally accept the challenge for someone else.
granted, they're my kids. they're not 'someone else' -
but still, i came real real close to not doing it.
i didn't want them to feel obligated with what i painted and feel funny
about telling me to change it or paint over it or whatever.
but i trusted us all to be adults, and i hopped on in.
big big progress there for me.
not in trusting them to be adults......maybe trusting me to be tho.

in the middle of it all, josh came over to help out too.
he came up to me and the cupboard doors spread all over.
his eyes got big and he said 'they let you loose??'
and then he said 'run with it like a football!'

i laughed.
cause i was surprised they wanted the funky cupboards too.
they're not all that weird - just kinda a smeary washy kinda paint job
with a couple different colors. but oh man, stuff i love to do!
weird enough to keep me happy.

they seemed real tickled with them, which tickled me to no end.

and then........the best thing happened as i painted.....

i heard them.
listened to them.
i was in the middle of everything so could hear all kindsa snippets.

i have never heard them sound happier.
they sounded so darn happy all day.
i could tell the place had become theirs.
and they were just in love with it.

i painted and smiled.
with them this happy, man, i can only be so sad they're leaving.
i mean seriously......what could make a mom happier than to hear
those kinda sounds?? my heart just so shifted away from the sad,
right smack into the joyful.

and to get to paint smooshy washy paint all over their cupboards to my delight -
well miracles were happening everywhere.
even in my heart.


Diane in AR said...

Ter the Toolie !! Bravo you on fixing the door!!! So glad the boys wanted YOUR imprint on the cupboards - they're excited about their own home. . .but they want part of you always there - tangible, visible every day - and that's awesome. . .what a wonderful weekend of joy-filled miracles. . .smiling with you. . .

terri st. cloud said...

diane, you're so sweet. not sure how much they wanted me always there! lol! but they like the way i smoosh paint together, so that in itself is a tickle!