Tuesday, September 17, 2013

holding light

a few months back i started the 'holding light' campaign over on our website.
if you haven't seen it, please stop by!
since then i've sent out over a thousand stickers.
and i gotta tell ya, it has been one of the most moving things for me ever.

when the guys built the page, zakk wasn't going to put a spot in for comments.
he didn't see the point.
noah talked him into it.
i'm laughing because for me, that has been such an important part of the whole thing.

that's where people write and tell me where the stickers are going.

the stories are incredible.
they've covered quite a range for reasons people need light.
so many times i've been moved to tears.

and i have been so honored that friends are sending their loved ones these candles.

i started the whole thing to offer light to the world.

what keeps happening is the notes keep lighting up my heart.

i think that's how it all works, isn't it?

you try to offer, but you get back so much more.

these matter a ton to me.
if you haven't been by yet, come on by and check it all out.
request some if you don't have any. they're free.
and they're filled with love.

and for those who've been by, you can request more. that's no problem.
thank you so much for all the notes, all the stories, and all the love......

i'm reminded over and over again that we keep the light going.
one candle at a time.

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Diane in AR said...

Like you said, one candle at a time - sharing the light spreads it. . .thank you for sharing your light. . .