Wednesday, September 18, 2013

preparing to dive...

you would think that when big things are happening in my life,
that's when i'd be blogging the most.
put all that inner whirlwind out a bit,
sort thru it, use the blog as therapy.
that kinda thing.

i mean, isn't that what i do all the time anyway?

here's the funny thing -

the deeper something is inside me,
the quieter i get about it.
i truly am an introvert.

and while i try real hard to share the journey,
when it gets this deep, i think the only thing that's really right for me
is to get quiet and go within.

i'm excited.
big changes are happening for me.
i was just talking to my partner about it all,
and it really sunk in how big.

it's time for me to really look at me,
my relationship, my life, where i'm going, what i'm doing....
whew. all that.

i'm going to take a short break here.
randomly grabbed october first as a good date to be back.
it's just about two weeks.

give me some time to sit with myself,
to think.
to regroup,
and maybe to even revamp the blog.
i think i'd like that.
will give it some thought.

think i'm gonna revamp my whole darn life.
and nah, prolly can't do that in just under two weeks,
but i can maybe get a start of a map together.
and some good sit time with myself.

i hope i don't lose you in the break.
i thought of that.
wondered if it was a bad idea to stop.
what if nobody comes back?

then i smiled.
that'd be okay then, wouldn't it?
because whatever happens when you're taking care of yourself,
has gotta be okay.

and i kinda like that trust as a first step into my new life.

i really am excited about this.
and what a perfect time of year to dive in.

so pardon me while i go get my jumping gear on,
and while i take a little dive thru the sky -

i'll be back pondering the clouds with you in no time....


Diane in AR said...

Happy sky diving into this whole new chapter of your life - you're doing the very best thing - taking time for you, honoring yourself and all the changes going on in your life. . .breathe in deep every moment. . .enjoy, fly. . .will be here when you land. . .

terri st. cloud said...

thanks, diane! for all the support always! :)

Diane in AR said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow, blog'll be back tomorrow, it's only a day away. . . .

imagining singing it beautifully!!!

terri st. cloud said...

you are the most wonderful friend!