Wednesday, October 30, 2013

a growing relationship

i didn't realize it,
until i raked over the tree's roots.
i cleared off the top of its roots and had this wonderful feeling.

like i really loved the tree.

but not just the tree.

the whole yard.

the ground.
the moss that is spreading all around.
the roots that poke up here and there.

the whole thing.

the sun was coming up.
it was cool outside.
and while i knew i'd enjoy being out there,
i didn't expect this feeling i had.

it wasn't just like i was falling in love with my yard.
i felt something back.
i honestly did.

like we were falling in love with each other.

it startled me.
and delighted me.

1 comment:

Diane Stefan said...

How great is that. . .and you take care of each other - you keep it looking great and it keeps you centered while giving you a place to think. . .GREAT !!!