Thursday, October 31, 2013

cancer treatments

sue posted this on her facebook wall yesterday and this needs to be
posted everywhere we can find! spread this around any way you can, okay?

fighting cancer? check this out! and share it, okay? we want people to know about this! it was sue's 'last ditch hope' - and guess what?!! IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Hinrichs and I are working together to recruit more cancer battlers for this treatment that saved my life, and could save others. There is also information in these links for clinical trials for OTHER types of cancer, so please pass this information on to anyone who has advanced cancer (or knows someone with cancer). And to those of you who are battling advanced cancer, I hope you will look into your immunotherapy options....push your doctors to think outside the "standard treatment" box. Thank you, my friends, for re-posting this and helping to save lives.

Message from Dr. Hinrichs:
"Thanks for helping to spread the word.
Here are links to information on the HPV clinical trial and the other trials at NIH. There is contact information for questions and referrals on these web pages (June Kryk).

Also, here is a link to my staff web page for the NCI.

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Diane Stefan said...

Been gone a couple of days - this is AWESOME and we're all filled with gratitude that Sue's treatment worked!!! Feel like singing (but I won't for the sake of scaring people): "Start spreading the news" a la Frank Sinatra!! Happy Happy Sue News!!!!