Tuesday, October 22, 2013

an interesting halloween post

 i read this blog yesterday and it really really hit me.

i'm all for halloween just being fun.
i love that about the holiday and get kinda bummed in
my area as it's not celebrated many times for religious reasons.
makes me sad as it's just plain fun.

thing is......when i read this, my heart opened to the author and
all those who've experienced this.

i don't decorate with gravestones anyway......
but i think i'll always remember this now.
so many different ways to be thoughtful and compassionate.

was glad to have my eyes opened here......

check out tom zuba's post.

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Diane in AR said...

With daughters and grandkids all in the east and no kids in the neighborhood, we don't decorate at all anymore - but I do understand and appreciate the blogger's feelings - and it is a good wake-up reminder that the things we do often affect and touch people we do not even know. . .thanks ter