Wednesday, November 20, 2013

light in the darkness

it's a day that will be remembered forever around here.
it's a day we lost someone beautiful to her own darkness.
even tho it's been years, the date still brings up so many thoughts,
and memories and emotions.

both josh and i have decided it's the right day to kick off two big
holiday projects we're doing. we picked this day on purpose.
the world needs more light, more love, more caring.
and this is the day to launch events to grow those very things.
our way of honoring her life.

josh has started a 'kindness exchange' and in the process has discovered
something very intriguing. a lot of people don't like to talk about the kind
things they've done. they like to keep those quiet.

obviously this makes sense and we do it too.
but as this evolved we kept thinking about how important it was to spread
this stuff - how the stories of kindness would spark other stories of kindness.

josh has determined this really matters and it's something we need to think about.
and i gotta agree.

so definitely, take a few moments and check out his kindness exchange.
i'm posting the link to his newsetter which seems to explain it really well.
there's a whole section there to read and right below it he discusses 'the
bragging issue.' so that's a good place to start!
he wants to light up the darkness, and i'm right behind him!

and over on bone sigh arts, we officially start our holiday swap today!
here's a link that explains that.
the buzz of it all happens over on the bone sigh arts facebook page,
but feel free to just email me if you don't do facebook.

josh's newsletter

bone sigh arts holiday swap details

we invite you to join in both happenings.
reaching out to others and showing we care - it's so sorely needed.
i'm sure your life is already filled with such things - but there can always
be more!

and for those who are in the darkness right now, please remember you are not alone.
we're right out here for you. just reach your hand our way.
it really does matter.
you really do matter.


Diane Stefan said...

You and Josh and Noah and Zakk and Bob - all very special people - remembering and sighing, crying with you today. . .we who our left behind will join you bringing kindness and joy to each other. . .appreciate you all!!

terri st. cloud said...

sending you a big ol' hug, diane!