Tuesday, November 12, 2013


it's newsletter day around here.
and what i've started doing is writing a blog for the newsletter.
one that when you get the newsletter, you click a link and it brings you
right here to the blog.

this one's about the gratitude i've been feeling. and will post it real soon.
for those who are regular early morning readers, it won't be news to you.
so i wanted to let you know what was up with that.

and i wanted to offer something else here just for you.

it goes with the theme of the one i'll post in just a bit.
so i thought it was perfect!

it's another hafiz -

Is where the Real Fun starts.

There's too much counting
Everywhere else!


ya gotta love it!

and then for those of you who don't get the bone sigh arts newsletter,
but would like to - you can find it at the link below.
as i type this, our november issue isn't up yet as it hasn't been mailed out
and we're still tweaking!! so check back mid morning and beyond and it'll
be there!

the newsletters are especially fun for me as i feel like i get to share what's goin'
on in the bone sigh world and we also have a section called 'you guys' where
we get to share what's goin' on in your lives as well! it just feels like that tea
party where we get to catch up!


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