Monday, December 16, 2013

a new thought for me........

i have a thought kinda starting in my mind,
i'd like to begin playing with.

think of a problem you have that you can't really share with anyone.
i'm guessin' you've got one.

i do, so i thought about it.
thought about why i couldn't really talk about it -
well, it's cause it stirs certain reactions in others that take the safe talking space away.
people either feel bad about it and carry a weight around for me,
or they want to fix it or take care of me in some form.

all of that is because people care, yes.
and that's a nice thing.
it's also the stuff that takes a space away.

i got to thinking about that space.

seems to me that that space is really vital.
it's the place you can explore and think out loud,
it's the place where great things are born,
it's the place where there's freedom and safety all at once.

but it can disappear because whatever's goin' on isn't accepted.


i do this a lot, i think.
i think i take spaces away a lot.

and here i was thinking i was a space maker.
that'll teach me to stay humble!

i get really heavy weighted with other people's stuff sometimes.
and i know i want to fix and change things for other's a whole lot.

and that isn't what they need when they need a space to talk and open.

for pete's sakes -
this is a whole 'nother reason to 'allow' -
to 'accept' -
to just be.

i'm thinking that allowing and accepting opens the doors for more than
i can even guess at.

and i'm kinda thinking this is a big deal thought.
but it's brand new.
so i'll be mullin' on it a bit.........


Diane in AR said...

Definitely worth mulling over - yup, some stuff that when shared brings reactions you weren't looking for. . .so they're deemed unacceptable and you/I tend to let them fester inside me. . . But you're right - those things need their space too. . .I think you've hit the nail on the head with 'allow' 'accepting' 'being' - all real. . .will mull on this as well. . .

Anonymous said...

oh this is just where I am at.~laughing~ yep...
That entire need to be heard, and not have some one else try and own it or fix it or carry it.. or ~rolls eyes~ make it about them.
It's hard.
wanting to help..
wanting to make space with out taking space..
thank you for sharing this.. Your words always take me to a good space in my head!