Wednesday, December 11, 2013

a quick easy cool holiday thing to do!

this is a direct 'cut and paste' of a facebook post i hollered out yesterday.
i wanted to holler it here as well.......

if you're interested in reaching out, by all means, please do.
i know these kinda things can make such difference to people!

so. i thought i'd shout out to those who are kinda down and blue this season with a great thing to do to reach out and beyond and to feel good about. but then i thought of all those who are really happy and feeling blessed...well, this is a good chance to share the good - so this is to everyone! a couple of friends just got in touch with me about another friend who's having a pretty darn rough time. cancer in several places and some major family issues goin' on as well. one of the friends suggested we grab all the people we could and ask them to send her a postcard with one word on it! what a cool idea! just one word to encourage her, or let her know she's being thought of or held or whatever.......want to? it would certainly be a beautiful offering! just email me for her address and we'll get this goin'!! 

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