Tuesday, December 31, 2013

resolution tag lines...

i think it's kinda cool that all the holiday celebrating ends in a big bang tonite.
it's fun and it's profound all at once...
just feels kinda perfect to me.

resolutions and goals and where i want 2014 to take me have all been on my mind.

thing is tho....it's not just where 2014 will take me, is it?
it's also where *i* will take 2014.

and that's the part that i think i'll be mulling today.

think about this whole last year for a minute.
how there was some great stuff that went so much better than you thought,
how there was some other stuff that just didn't go good at all, and wasn't
what you had figured on. how there were such joys.....and such sorrows.
many disappointments, and many incredible delights.

man, it's a whole big mix, isn't it?

it's always gonna be a whole big mix.
i think if we feel like it's not, we're not really paying attention.

i want to keep that in mind as i sit with my resolutions this year.
and yeah, i'm gonna write some out.
i know a lotta people hate them and see them as a set up for failure.
i like them, because if nothing else, i take time just to sit and think about where
i want to go. and i outline it in some form which feels like the beginnings of a map to me.
and man, i can use any maps i can get.

so while i want to set goals for myself and i want to make some plans and
work on dreams that i have...i think i want to keep a certain theme thru
them all this year. i think that 'full' theme...that 'whole big mix' theme is
something i was starting to really understand last year.....and i want to
carry it thru and include it in my resolutions.

i think i want it to be a little tag line after each hope, dream, goal.

yeah......definitely tag lines this year.
so......after each resolution, i believe i'll include something like this -

 always remembering it's a journey, and how i travel is what matters most.

so an item listed can look like this -

-work on keeping my body healthy with my eating exercising and daily routines,
always remembering it's a journey, and how i travel matters most.

something like that.
yeah.......a tag line.

i like that.
and i think that's the tag line i'll use.

it kinda helps me remember the map is for journeying.......not for the destination.
and that makes me laugh......puts a whole new twist on resolutions.

resolutions to help me keep in mind just how it is i want to travel.
because as far as i can tell - that's what matters.


Diane in AR said...

love this - I have not done resolutions for years. . .same old same old - but adding my own (we're all different, we all need our own or similar one) tag line - thanks for the encouragement - Happy New Year!!

terri st. cloud said...

happy new year, diane!